Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 3 strikes box office gold

The Equalizer 3” tops $100 million at the global box office in just its second weekend, boasting a formidable total of $107.6 million. This impressive figure includes $61.8 million from the US and a commendable $45.8 million internationally making the film a smashing success considering its budget. While the movie experienced a 65% drop in its second weekend, a decline slightly steeper than its predecessor, “The Equalizer 2”, which saw a 61% dip, it’s still shaping up as a win for Sony and holdings trong. The anticipation now lies in the film’s performance in the coming weeks, especially its crucial third weekend.

Denzel Washington's The Equalizer 3 strikes box office gold

Directed by the acclaimed Antoine Fuqua, “The Equalizer 3” sees the return of Hollywood heavyweight Denzel Washington portraying Robert McCall, the beloved retired government assassin. Set in Southern Italy’s dangerous mafia landscape, McCall risks it all to shield the ones he loves. This installment is notably Washington’s swan song for the character, leaving fans eager for a fitting conclusion to the franchise legacy.

Comparatively, the initial movie in Fuqua’s captivating trilogy garnered a staggering $192.9 million globally, with the sequel trailing slightly at $190.3 million. With production costs of $55 million and $77 million respectively, both films emerged as undeniable successes for Sony Pictures. “The Equalizer 3”, carrying a budget estimated at $70 million, has set its bar for success slightly below its predecessor and the success metrics speak for themselves.

Common industry insight suggests a film needs to double its budget post deductions, such as marketing expenses and theater shares, to be termed profitable. Thus, for “The Equalizer 3” to achieve this status, it should ideally be targeting earnings in the ballpark of $140 million, albeit with variations based on other determinants. The audience acclaim for the movie has been tremendous, critical appreciation aside, the film boasts a stellar 94% Rotten Tomatoes audience rating, indicating the franchise hasn’t lost its charm. The forthcoming weekend will be pivotal in forecasting the movie’s lasting appeal and overall performance trajectory.