Mastering Flavors and Fostering Connections in KSA

European Beef from Spain Makes a Culinary Splash in Riyadh with Exclusive Masterclasses and a Cocktail Event at the Spanish Embassy

 MENA NewswireRiyadh, Saudi Arabia, January 2024: Provacuno keeps working in the KSA with its campaign “What Wonderful European Beef! 2.0”, this time, on the occasion of its last promotional mission to Saudi Arabia. The promotional campaign which last already six years aimed at revolutionizing the culinary experience in Saudi Arabia thanks to the discovery of the high quality European beef from Spain and the European Production Model. But not only, this initiative consisted in fostering a deeper connection between Saudi and European cuisines and encouraging collaborations between the two markets.

During this mission, a series of masterclasses in Riyadh were organised at the Elite Chef Culinary School to continue the introduction of young chefs to a product of excellence, as it is the European beef from Spain.   Guided by Michelin-starred Chef Juanlu Fernández, over 30 chef students immersed themselves in the art of cooking with European beef from Spain. These sessions were more than cooking classes: they were cultural exchanges, offering a taste of Europe’s rich culinary heritage while respecting and enhancing Saudi Arabia’s own distinguished cuisine.

Moreover, an exclusive gathering at the Spanish Embassy saw the participation of over 50 stakeholders from the local beef sector, highlighting the potential for European beef from Spain in the Kingdom. This event showcased the shared commitment to quality, taste, and culinary innovation, allowing once more to inform on the unique European Production Model. The attendees had the change to taste three different beef dishes exclusively elaborated by the Michelin-starred Chef Juanlu Fernández. In general terms, the event was very successful and generated a lot of interest among the guests.

“The initiatives of these last six years in the Saudi market have marked a remarkable journey of culinary and cultural exchange. During these years, we have carried out several promotional activities such as the participation in trade fairs, the organisation of showrooms with stakeholders, workshops with influencers and masterclasses in culinary schools, always accompanied by renowned chefs. Very important was also our continuous communication activity though social medias and media.  We are delighted to see how these efforts have increased knowledge of the excellent characteristics of our products, as well as appreciation and understanding of European culinary heritage in Saudi Arabia. ” – José Ramón Godoy, International Director of Provacuno.

Provacuno proudly concludes its three-year campaign ‘What Wonderful European Beef! 2.0’, which successfully introduced European products, tastes, techniques and traditions to the Saudi market. This initiative reflects a broader vision of bringing together different culinary worlds, enhancing culinary experiences, and creating lasting relationships based on a shared love of quality food.

The quality of European beef from Spain will play a key role in shaping a future where taste knows no boundaries and culinary excellence is the goal of a rapidly developing country like Saudi Arabia.

Provacuno is committed to quality, taste and sustainability, striving to introduce the best of the European beef from Spain to the global market. That’s why the culmination of this mission is not the end, but the beginning of many more achievements!

See you soon for more to explore!

About Provacuno

Provacuno, the Agro-food Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, consists of national associations that represent companies from the production, industrial and commercial sectors of this product. These associations represent and defend the interests of their members. In addition, Provacuno is where these associations come together and where decisions are adopted with regards to the internal regulation of the sector.

Provacuno was established on 2 December 1997 and officially recognized as an agro-food inter-professional organization by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, on 30 June 1998, in accordance with Law 38/1994 that regulates the agro-food inter-professional organizations.

It represents approximately 85% of the industry in Spain, including both producers and processors.

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